How Many Words are your Pictures Worth?

In News & Events by Dave

Cutting edge, responsive web design allows for umpteen new ways of displaying your company’s image and the products and brand you sell, however the website is only as good as it’s photos that convey your message. Capturing your audience’s attention with high-quality photos is a key ingredient in a successful web design.

What are Retina Ready Images?

A new word is floating around out there and many of you are probably hearing it for the first time. “Retina Ready Images” or RRI. Without getting too technical, basically it means that Retina display devices show more pixels per square inch, resulting in sharper images. A device pixel is the smallest physical unit in a display; there are also different types of pixels, bitmap, CSS etc. Devices like iPhone and many popular tablets utilize Retina display screens and are capable of handling high-resolution images that are responsive across all types of display devices.

Managing high-quality Retina images and their file size can be a tricky task. High-resolution images are generally larger in file size and can result in slow network performance when loading in a web browser or hand-held device. Retina images should be optimized so that viewers still receive clean, crisp images without sacrificing network performance.

Why should your site be Retina Ready?

Outside of the obvious reason that it just sounds cool,  are some important things you should know. It is safe to say the Retina Ready Images is the way and they are here to stay. All newer Apple devices as well as virtually every other type of device will support Retina Images within the next 18 months. These devices will expect Retina ready images and responsive HTML design to display content in a sharp, vivid manner on the display screen.

It has been recently suggested that many search engines are now looking at more than just the content of a website when indexing a site. The Engines are now considering the technology and ability to respond to global devices as part of their ranking algorithms. At the end of the day the benefits of having high-quality images for your website is a must for forward thinking design.