Be Productive While Working on the Road

In News & Events by Dave

We have clients all over the United States therefore it is safe to say that we do a lot of traveling. For us, being productive on the road is just as important as being productive in the office. Part of our philosophy is to entrench ourselves with our clients and partners so we can grasp a real-feel for the message they are trying to portrait. We have often spent weeks and even months on-location for special projects. The ability to adapt quickly to a new environment is based on how well you plan and research your destination. In order to be productive, you have to be organized. Doing a little research can go a long way. Being prepared or not can make or break your productivity all together.

Some of the tools we use stay productive while on the road include:

  • Use Skype – An absolute necessity. Skype allows you to keep visual contact with other members of your team and your project managers. It is also nice to have in order to keep in contact with friends and family while you are on the road.
  • Get Dropbox – Dropbox is a file storage solution that allows you to share files with your clients and team members.
  • Ride in Style with Uber – We use Uber car sharing service to get around unfamiliar areas and large metropolitan areas with ease.
  • ePrint Services – We set up wireless printers at many of our clients offices to email printed material to the tray for proof read & reviews.
  • Corporate Offices – If we know we will be on-location for more that a couple of days we find corporate office space rented by the day, week or month.

We like to keep our offices synced with one another by utilizing shared cloud file storage for work files and important documents. Maintaining daily visual Skype meetings with other team members or staff is important.

Working on the road can be a lot of fun. You get to experience new places, new people and different work cultures. We always try and take something positive away from each of our work experiences while on the road.

Always remember you are at your best when you have rest!